The Final Stretch

So, a lot has happened since we last checked in. One of which being that we’ve moved from the wireframe stage to actually building our app, and in this process we’ve come across quite a few roadblocks. To make a long story short, we discovered a little late in the game that we don’t have access to […]

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Wireframes and App Building

In the (lengthy) amount of time since our last blog post, a lot has happened. Not only did we all enjoy some much needed time off over spring break, we completed the wireframe for our project which can be found here. Our website is also up and running, which is a huge weight off our […]

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Our team walked into class yesterday fully prepared to dive into our design plan and rebranding brainstorms when we got hit with a plot twist. We walked into class planning an iOS app that would work on an iPhone and be compatible with Apple CarPlay, and we walked out with new plans to develop an […]

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Hitting the Open Road – The Beginning of Wireframing, Rebranding, and all Things Pre-Checkpoint 1

As you can tell by the lengthy title (which of course includes a road trip pun) – a lot has happened with the A Team since our last post. (Have I mentioned that we refer to ourselves as the A Team? For automotive team…because CarPlay. Get it?! We like to think we’re clever.) We’ve presented […]

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Beginning of the Road

Can you think back to the excitement that comes with taking a road trip? Traveling to a brand new place, being out on the open road, the anticipation of all of the new sites you’re going to see and memories you’re going to make that’s growing as each mile passes. That’s what we’re trying to […]

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